Main visual showcasing CrackSense at the Agricultural Fair.

Innovation at the Forefront: Impressions from the International Agricultural Fair 2024

On the very first day of The International Agricultural Fair, the CrackSense project was prominently showcased, drawing early attention and interest from attendees. The fair, held from 18th to 23rd May, attracted more than 1,200 exhibitors, marking a 10% increase compared to the previous year.

Participants from Serbia and 40 other countries showcased the latest innovations and developments in the agricultural sector, highlighting advancements in technology, sustainability practices, and farming techniques.

Who Visited This Year's Fair?

According to the Novi Sad Fair’s records, attendance not only surpassed last year’s numbers but also exceeded all expectations. Visitors included members of cooperatives—farmers, livestock breeders, producers, members of agricultural producer associations, students, employees from agrarian and related enterprises—from Serbia, the region, and the European Union. Numerous economic, scientific, and political delegations from Serbia, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, and other countries attended the fair.

Key Highlights of This Year's Fair - EU's Strong Support Noted

This year, the 91st International Agricultural Fair, had strong support from the European Union, which was the event’s partner. Over the six days, all known segments of this largest agrarian event in the region took place, with the addition of new features, such as the European Union Pavilion.

At the European Union Pavilion, 42 events were held, featuring 100 speakers. Panels showcased 35 companies, institutions, and organisations. The pavilion was visited by ambassadors from the EU Delegation, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, and Finland, as well as deputy representatives from Slovakia, Denmark, and the EU Delegation. Attachés were present daily at the pavilion stands. More than 60 agricultural producers inquired about how to apply for IPARD programmes and European Territorial Cooperation programmes.

In-text visual representing visitors at our booth.
In-text visual representing visitors at our booth.

Technology Meets Agriculture at Fair

The 91st International Agricultural Fair not only showcased a wide array of organic products, agricultural machinery, and livestock but also featured innovative projects like CrackSense, part of the Horizon Europe initiative. Horizon Europe, a key funding program of the European Union, supports research and innovation aimed at tackling global challenges, including those in the agricultural sector.

Through initiatives like Horizon Europe, the EU is committed to fostering sustainable agricultural practices, enhancing food security, and driving technological advancements in the agri-food industry. CrackSense specifically targets the prevention of fruit cracking in citrus, table grapes, sweet cherries, and pomegranates, addressing a significant issue for many farmers.

Picture illustrating CrackSense branding material (brochures, pens...)
In-text visual representing our branding at the fair.

CrackSense Connections: Advancing Agricultural Solutions

To engage visitors and raise awareness about our mission, representatives from Foodscale Hub organised a quiz that saw participation from 50 attendees, who walked away with goodies. This interactive approach helped spark meaningful conversations and raise awareness about the pressing issues facing modern agriculture.

What made the event truly special were the connections made. There was an opportunity to engage with potential partners from research institutes, small businesses, tech firms, and farming suppliers. These discussions opened up exciting opportunities for collaboration that could revolutionise the way farming is approached.

But it wasn’t all business; CrackSense also tackled the challenges farmers encountered last season, particularly with grapes and cherries cracking. By sharing experiences and insights, CrackSense, with the help of visitors, is not just identifying problems; but also paving the way for innovative solutions.

In conclusion, the 91st International Agricultural Fair served as a vibrant platform for showcasing innovation, collaboration, and sustainable solutions in the agricultural sector. From the support of the European Union to the impactful presentations by projects like CrackSense, attendees witnessed the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and agriculture.

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