CrackSense Newsletter Issue #5

Welcome to the 5th edition of the
CrackSense Newsletter!

The first year of the project has been successfully concluded with a consortium meeting held in Corsica. Future plans have been developed and exciting year lies ahead!

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International Day of Girls and Women in Science

The 11th of February marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science!
This year’s CrackSense campaign has been devoted to one of the women who gives a lot to science and inspires many around her – Idit Ginzberg, a researcher at The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO). Her research interests span from fruit cracking disorder in pomegranate, apple, and citrus, as well as to understanding the physiological and molecular mechanisms of potato tuber skin development.

CrackSense 5th Newsletter issue

CrackSense 1st Consortium Meeting on Corsica

Beautiful San Giuliano has been the stage of the first CrackSense consortium meeting. Taking place at the Corsican INRAE facility, the three-day symposium organized by the Corsican hosts, from February 26th to 28th represented a noteworthy achievement in their collective endeavors. Beyond facilitating the exchange of expertise, the event also served as a tribute to Corsica’s agricultural legacy, emphasizing the island’s pivotal role in citrus cultivation, encompassing varieties such as clementines, lemons, and mandarins.

The CrackSense consortium’s successful first year promises significant benefits for the agricultural community, particularly farmers and growers in the citrus, pomegranate, sweet cherry, and table grape sectors. Through shared insights and collaborative endeavors, CrackSense aims to foster sustainability, resilience, and prosperity for farming communities worldwide.

CrackSense 5th Newsletter issue 2

CrackSense tackling food security and safety on RefreSCAR webinar "Emerging Food Safety Issues and Food Security: Versatile Approaches"

The webinar tackled vital topics on how food safety and security can be improved amidst global challenges, such as climate change, the emergence of new pathogens, pollutants, and risks associated with food allergens. The Spotlight on webinar, moderated by Marina Arnaut Stefanović and Olivera Stojilović Trivunić, has been explored by four panelists, including Maria-Eleni Dimitrakopoulou and Bert Popping. CrackSense coordinators, Avi Sadka and Victor Alchanatis, presented the impacts of heatwaves and global warming on fruit trees as well as potential solutions supported by proximal and remote sensing technologies along with integration of AI in smart farming.

CrackSense Newsletter 5 III

Meet Our Partner Campaign

Meet our partner- INRAE - CrackSense 5th Newsletter

We invite you to delve into our ongoing “Meet Our Partner Campaign,” where we showcase the invaluable contributions of our esteemed partners. Through regular features, we highlight the expertise and pivotal roles of team members within CrackSense partner organizations. Be sure to watch for featured partners in our CrackSense Newsletters, and don’t forget to subscribe to our LinkedIn page for the latest updates and insights!

In this CrackSense Newsletter issue we present the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE). INRAE is a public research institute which focuses on agriculture, food systems and environmental major challenges while promoting social and economic inclusivity. 

In CrackSense, INRAE is leading Piloting Activities, within which successful treatments for cracking mitigation in commercial orchards will be implemented and sensing tools for monitoring cracking intensity upscaled. INRAE’s contribution to other piloting activities include conducting experimental trials by deploying proximal and remote sensing approaches to sweet cherry (at Bordeaux) and citrus (at Corsica).

CrackSense showcase on Israeli national television

In an exciting showcase on Israeli national television, CrackSense took center stage on KAN – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation’s channel Kan 11. Spearheaded by project coordinators Victor Alchanatis and Avi Sadka from the Volcani Institute, the presentation unveiled the project’s remarkable results. Viewers were treated to a demonstration of cutting-edge proximal and remote sensing tools developed and deployed to gather crucial data on fruit cracking. The innovative approach promises significant advancements in agricultural monitoring and management.

CrackSense KAN 5th Newsletter

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Discover the fascinating world of citrus fruits: from their ancient origins to their modern-day health benefits. Dive into the history of these colorful and refreshing fruits, tracing their journey from tropical Asia to global prominence. Packed with immune-boosting vitamin C, flavonoids, and dietary fiber, citrus fruits offer a myriad of health benefits, from fighting colds to protecting against heart disease and cancer.

Find more in-depth and informative blog posts in CrackSense website news repository! Join us as we unveil CrackSense achievements, aiming to tackle this issue and revolutionize fruit farming, starting with citrus, cherries, pomegranates, and table grapes.