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CrackSense Newsletter Issue #4

Welcome to the 4th edition of the
CrackSense Newsletter!

As we wrap up our first year, join us in celebrating the milestones and breakthroughs that have shaped the future of fruit production.

Take a brief look back at the highlights of the year:

  • Experiments and pilots initiated across two continents with support of the TOMMY system
  • 4+ internal workshops conducted
  • 4+ project presentations in agrifood arena fairs, market and industry events
  • Project showcased in media outlets and social media channels with total of 100000+ followers

..and more! Check out our latest project news!

CrackSense featured on Synergy days: Introducing the New Era of Fruit Production

In the first week of October, HELEXPO in Thessaloniki has been the stage for the shared synergies of CrackSense and 27 other participating projects, in a collaborative space designed to foster connections, engagement, and growth. The project has been presented by the coordinators from Volcani Institute, Victor Alchanatis and Avi Sadka as well as representatives of the Foodscale Hub team.

TOMMY en route to Corsica: Advancing CrackSense deep learning models

CrackSense teams from ATB and INRAE have joined forces to assemble and safely transport the TOMMY system to the experiment and plot fields in Corsica, where the system will conduct the temperature and wetness reference readings in orchards. Thousands of measurements will be performed to enable sufficient data for deep learning processes.

Meet Our Partner Campaign

Meet our partner LVGA

Take a moment to explore our ongoing “Meet Our Partner Campaign.” In our regular features, we shine a spotlight on our esteemed partners, giving recognition to their team member expertise and role within CrackSense. Keep an eye out for featured partners in our CrackSense Newsletters and subscribe to our LinkedIn page!

In the 4th CrackSense Newsletter we present Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für Gartenbau und Arboristik e.V. (LVGA). The leader of the research group, Dr. Andreas Winkler, will provide expertise in the field of water uptake, cracking of sweet cherry and other soft fruit, drawing on his scientific background in describing the sweet cherry cracking mechanism, the so-called ‘zipper model’.

CrackSense featured in Chilean online agricultural magazine: Showcase of the project concept

Catch up on the latest coverage of our project and its findings in the November/December edition of the Chilean Redagricola online magazine. As a rising player in the cherry industry, CrackSense is gaining international recognition, as demonstrated in a recent interview with project managers Aleksandra Tolmačev and Marina Arnaut Stefanović from Foodscale Hub. Journalist Miguel Patina raised compelling questions which are of pressing matter for food producers in Chile. It was discussed how CrackSense sensing solutions and AI will enhance production and yield, along with exploring the project’s notable findings in orchard management thus far.

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Experiments and pilots are often used interchangeably, yet they possess their own unique attributes. Furthermore, they are also known as proofs of concept and constitute invaluable tools within project management. Through experimental activities, while testing specific ideas, processes, or devices on a smaller scale, thus enabling assessment of viability and efficacy before committing to full-scale implementation. Additionally, this type of early verification provides a platform for evaluating feasibility, effectiveness, and potential challenges inherent in a project.
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