CrackSense Showcase at AgroMashov Agriculture Exhibition in Tel Aviv Strong support from Israeli Ministry of Agriculture Featured photo

CrackSense Showcase at AgroMashov Agriculture Exhibition in Tel Aviv: Strong support from Israeli Ministry of Agriculture

Tel Aviv, September 5-6, 2023 – CrackSense is thrilled with the latest updates from the agriculture exhibition in Tel Aviv! AgroMashov not only showcased the cutting-edge innovations in the agricultural sector but also witnessed significant recognition for the groundbreaking CrackSense research.

CrackSense was praised by an inspiring speech by the Minister of Agriculture, Mr Avi Dichter. He emphasized the vital importance of the CrackSense research in advancing the agricultural industry. This endorsement from such a prominent figure underscores the critical role that CrackSense is poised to play in shaping the future of agriculture.

A highlight of the event was the presentation of the TOMMY System developed by ATB. This innovative technology promises to revolutionize various aspects of agriculture, from crop monitoring to resource management.

In a testament to the international impact of this event, Amnon Lichter, a researcher from Volcani and member of the leading consortium team of the CrackSense project, was interviewed by a Lithuanian reporter. The interview provided an opportunity to share insights and expertise on the subject with a global audience, further emphasizing the significance of CrackSense on an international scale.

The Tel Aviv agriculture exhibition AgroMashov not only served as a platform for showcasing innovations but also highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in driving the agricultural industry forward. The recognition from the Minister of Agriculture and the global attention garnered by the CrackSense project demonstrate its potential for transformative change in agriculture.

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