Main visual representing CrackSense's presense at Synergy Days.

CrackSense Set to Inspire at Synergy Days in Thessaloniki – Showcase of a Turning Point in Fruit Production

Thessaloniki, October 4-5th Get ready for an exciting showcase of agri-food innovation and collaboration! CrackSense joins the lineup of groundbreaking projects at Synergy Days set to take place in Greece this October.

Synergy Days, the flagship networking event for agri- and business digital innovators, is hosted by SmartAgriHubs and promises an extraordinary platform for interaction and knowledge-sharing. Attendees can expect a dynamic atmosphere enriched by a diverse set of workshops focusing on specific topics, accompanied by a lively exhibition space designed to foster informal interactions.

CrackSense’s Engaging Workshop

CrackSense, a rising star in the fruit production landscape, is poised to leave a lasting impression at Synergy Days. Victor Alchanati and Avi Sadka, the consortium leaders and driving forces behind CrackSense, will lead an interactive workshop. They will offer insights into the project’s latest advancements, its first experiments, exciting updates in field trials, and the process of technical development of the project’s pillar measuring and monitoring system.

A Thrilling 3-Minute Pitch Session

To further captivate the audience, CrackSense will be presented in an exciting 3-minute Pitch Session, delivering the essence of their vision and mission in an impactful manner. This will be an opportunity to witness the passion and innovation that drives CrackSense’s team and success.

Join Us at the CrackSense Booth

Synergy Days visitors can also look forward to visiting the CrackSense booth, where lively discussions and collaborations with synergistic projects, investors, industry leaders, and other interested participants will unfold. This presents a unique chance for attendees to delve into the world of CrackSense, gain valuable insights, and explore potential partnerships.

Save the Date!

CrackSense is set to inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impression on all those in attendance at the event. To find out more, check out the organiser’s SmartAgriHubs website. If you are in Thessaloniki during October 4th and 5th, register for free, or follow their website to stay tuned for insights from the event!