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Summer vine: Experiments on table grapes started in Lachish, Israel

The initial phase of the CrackSense project has been started in Lachish, a central region of Israel, conducted by the Volcani Institute in collaboration with Tali Grapes. The experiments comprise of an array of proximal and remote sensing techniques to tackle the prevailing issue of fruit cracking in table grapes of the Vitis vinifera variety, specifically the SunWorld cultivar.

Diverse vineyards have been selected to cover a wide range of variables, including history of cracking incidents, distinct climatic conditions, soil types, slopes, and vine age. Assessments will be conducted to ascertain the incidence of fruit cracking, sour rotting, fruit size, composition, yield, and the impact of different irrigation methods. Moreover, the manipulation of skin integrity and the effects of various mineral nutrition regimens will be examined.

To better understand the mechanisms behind fruit cracking, fruit quality parameters, water status, and fruit growth will be monitored, along with ground parameters such as soil wetness and mineral content. These on-the-ground observations will be seamlessly integrated with remote sensing data. With its holistic approach and rigorous methodology, the CrackSense project paves the way for a brighter perspective in the table grape industry.