Main visual representing blog about CrackSense’s project presence at the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia.

CrackSense Showcased on the Largest Agricultural Fair in Southeastern Europe

Last week CrackSense project has been presented at the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia, throughout 20-26th of May 2023. Ranked as one of the largest agricultural fairs in Southeast Europe, with a remarkable 90-year-old legacy attracting a staggering approximate of 600000 visitors each year, this event united prominent local and international players in the realm of farming and agribusiness, as well as influential figures from diverse economic sectors.

Representatives from Foodscale Hub showcased the CrackSense aspirations and objectives to diverse audience – business strategists, fruit producers, researchers, consumers and other participants of fruit production value chain. The farming community has been introduced to the intricate factors that influence the phenomenon of fruit cracking and CrackSense sensing technologies, which are focused to revolutionize fruit cracking prediction models and provide support for optimal management of orchards and vineyards across various seasons. 

The anticipated outcomes and future practices of this project have sparked interest, particularly among local cherry and table grapes growers who have experienced underperforming yields after series of droughts and intermittent heavy rainfalls in recent seasons.