Main visual representing CrackSense's successfully completed first workshop.

CrackSense in Motion – First Workshop Dedicated to Hardware Introduction and Operation in Potsdam, Germany

CrackSense has initiated first Work Package 2 gathering throughout 15th and 16th of May 2023 in Potsdam, Germany, where partners involved in WP2 convened in lively discussions and engaging workshops to exchange views on future plans and operational strategies.

With a primary focus on mapping spatial and temporal variability in orchards and vineyards as well as developing well-suited multi-sensors and remote sensing tools for fruit-cracking prevention, the workshop revolved around a series of multifaceted presentations targeting the advancement of sensing systems.

Participants from multiple organizations including ATB, ARO, AUA, INRAE, Pegasus, LVGA, Vizlore, and ART21 made valuable contributions to the discussions, drawing from their proposed roles within the project. The topics encompassed mechanical and electronic descriptions of the hardware systems, introduction to software, sensor calibration and measuring stand, post-processing capabilities of sensor data, data workflows, and data storage.

To advance remote sensing system practical application and gain first-hand experience, the participants also embarked on a visit to ATB’s experimental fields in Marquardt, where ATB representatives showcased remote sensing systems.
The WP2 activities initiated by CrackSense consortium partners serve as a critical milestone in pursuit of effective fruit-cracking prevention strategies. By harnessing the expertise and collaborative efforts, CrackSense is devoted to development of innovative sensing systems that will revolutionize the orchard and vineyard fruit production.